Apostle Dr. Trena Stephenson is a woman of excellency, inspiration, and compassion. She believes in empowering others by speaking truth that comes from the unadulterated Word of God. Born and reared in the church, the Lord entered and influenced her life early, under the ministry of her parents, Pastor (Chaplain) Charles Jackson and First Lady Nina Jackson. Apostle Trena answered the call of ministry in 1993, which was followed by many years of service in ministry. Radical Apostolic Power International Ministries, under the leadership of Senior Pastor and Apostle Antonio Briggs, later ordained her as a prophetess.
Apostle Dr. Trena Stephenson founded Woman of God Ministries Inc. in 2005. The ministry was establish to service the needs of women in the areas of life, ministry and business. Woman of God Ministries Inc. is a 501(c)3 organization. Apostle Dr. Trena Stephenson was ordained an elder under the Presiding Prelate and Chief Apostle Cornelius Showell of the Bible-way Churches of America Worldwide. And in December 2010, she became a part of Manifest Kingdom Global. She was also ordained as an overseer and was elevated to the office of Overseer of Woman of God Ministries, Inc. After hearing the call of God and being found suitable for a greater responsibility, Apostle Stephenson accepted the appointment to serve God's people as an Apostle in the Lord's Church. In October 2013, she was affirmed and consecrated by the hand of Chief Apostle Dr. William Billups. Manifest Kingdom Global College of Bishops and Apostles to the position and vocation of Apostle of Protocol and Northern Region Prelate where she served faithfully for 2 years.

In May 2019, under the leading of the Lord, Apostle Dr. Stephenson united with Dominion’s Prophetic & Apostolic Coalition Transcontinental, also known as “D’Pact,” under the leadership of Apostle Dr. Yolanda Powell and Pastor William Powell. Apostle Stephenson serves as a mentor to diverse groups of women from various denominations and backgrounds. She also serves as Founder and Presiding Prelate of Bridge of Hope Deliverance Ministries & Fellowship of Churches, which currently provides oversight to several ministries nationally/internationally. Apostle Stephenson has been afforded many ministry opportunities and speaking engagements where she traveled throughout the United States and internationally to places such as Africa, Poland, Paris, Israel, Jamaica, and various cities in Germany.

Other aspects of the ministry of Apostle Stephenson include radio/television broadcasting and programming. She was featured as a special guest on the following broadcasts: “The Wenda Royster Show,” a radio broadcast of Radio One; Rejoice TV Network; The Word Network; TBN (Trinity Broadcasting Network) and Preach the Word Network.

Not only has Apostle Stephenson been interviewed on shows, but she has also been the interviewer. In April 2008, Apostle Stephenson became the executive producer and creative director for Daughters of Distinction TV, which housed two shows; Daughters of Distinction Live and Let’s Talk. The last air date was in 2016.

Both shows previously aired on Rejoice TV Network in MD and DC. Also, on May 7, 2011, Apostle Stephenson launched “The Fullness of God” Radio Broadcast airing live across the globe via Daily Living Network. The network, along with Roku and The Dish World TV Networks have partnered to produce “insightful and life-edifying” programs such as “The Fullness of God” broadcast, as well as Daughters of Distinction’s “Let’s Talk” and so much more. Both mentioned broadcasts are not currently airing because the focus is currently on The Bridge International Missions Alliance. Since 2016, it has served as a bridge to connect and collaborate with international territories to help the underserved. It also brings leaders together to forge stronger relationships However, there are plans for relaunching of both broadcasts in the near future.

Apostle Stephenson’s unconventional ways of reaching and touching God’s children in all walks of life have been what make her ministry unique. She has a passion and expertise in writing and helping others. Because of this, the establishment of Daughters of Distinction (DOD) LLC occurred in 2008. And in 2010, under the DOD umbrella, Apostle Stephenson launched Soar Magazine, an online publication to empower and encourage the people of God. This has been yet another publishing ministry that Apostle Stephenson has shared with others, as well as her platform to highlight other ministry leaders, writers, psalmists, artists and authors for the edifying of God’s Kingdom. She has authored and compiled several books and has produced several titles under the book publishing umbrella of DOD. Some of the book titles include, “My Secret Place”, “Seven Ingredients To An Effective Prayer Life”, “And He Still Hears”, just to name a few. She also birthed a book series called “The Fullness of God'', a four-installment series released over the course of the year in 2011. In this series, several anointed and appointed co-authors penned powerful and prolific writings about their life experiences. Since that time, they have published additional titles and other book series in 2012.

Of the latest additions to the treasury of resources and ministries God has allowed Apostle Trena Stephenson to birth, she launched, the much anticipated, School of the Prophets in 2019. To add to her many accolades, Apostle Stephenson recently received her Doctor of Divinity (DD) degree from Immanuel University of Theology International on May 29, 2021. She is now Apostle Dr. Trena Stephenson.

In November of 2023, Apostle Trena Stephenson was presented a honorary award. She received the Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award in Houston, TX from Prophetic Flow Ministries under the leadership of Prophetess Kendria Moore. This achievement was presented by AmeriCorps and the President of the United States. Apostle Trena received this award for commitment to building a stronger nation through volunteer services on national and international levels

Apostle Dr. Stephenson has many spiritual children who love and respect her; however, she is a wonderful mother to her daughter and son Trea and Johnathan Neal, and grandmother to Autumn Harvey. They are her heartbeats. God has truly blessed her by having them in her life. Her love for the Lord is seen by the lives she touches in her church, home, community, and throughout the world. Lastly, to find out more information about the ministry, media and/or messages from this powerful woman of God, please visit the following websites:: www.wofgod.org, www.dofdllc.com.


To submit a formal request to book Apostle Trena Stephenson, please complete the form below. Please understand that the date is not secure and Apostle Stephenson is under no contractual obligation to attend until you’ve received your official confirmation from our office. Once complete, please email this packet to: dr.trenabookings@wofgod.org


A minimum of $500 for a love offering is requested for Apostle Stephenson.


Hotel: Double Bed/Non-smoking Room, minimum 3- star accommodations, Air Travel and Baggage Fees if applicable. Gas provided for events within a 1 too 3 hour radius from the Atlanta, Georgia area.


Apostle Stephenson requests water at room temperature and soft mints when ministering.




Baltimore, MD

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